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The photography comes to me certainly from my grandfather.
The photography was its business. I remember the processing, every morning, the bedroom in studio of shooting decorated with flowers in the tiny apartment at the ground floor of the street of Montcenis which rises towards Montmartre. The wait of the visitors and on Saturdays, on the return to the marriages, the urgency to make the first editions to present them from the evening to the dinner of the bridegrooms.
The confinement in the darkroom fitted out in a narrow cupboard at the bottom of the dining room, the magic of the images appearing in tanks, then suspended on a thread tightened through the big room.
Fascinated by this chain of appearances and transformations, my role nevertheless restricted to handle the pair of shears to pink edges.

When I had rather young my first devices, the photography was thus at first a family ceremony which had to fix for ever the enjoyments of the days which parade, punctuated by the family events.
The envy for an other pleasure, while I looked at these "works", has me ( re ) plunged some times at night by a darkroom, then, much later, in front of the screen of the computer, this voucher to make everything …

The look then often got loose from beings liked to fix objects, the sky cut by roofs and trees, curious geometry of windows and by walls, sometimes unknown persons of the street …
Stones inspired me musics and embellish with images. Some of these stones livened up(led) on a screen.

Work of images … Projections and manipulations … Machines … Screens, tablets … Meetings and attractions …